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Dear Epoch Times readers:
The printing facility for the Epoch Times paper has experienced a printing machine malfunction, causing a printing delay today (Oct. 27th). We are working with the delivery company to have today’s paper delivered tomorrow (Oct. 28th). An alternative printer has been arranged for printing the Thursday edition.
Your account will be credited, and you shall expect today’s weekly edition and tomorrow’s daily edition to arrive tomorrow (Oct. 28th). We are extremely sorry for this unexpected incident and appreciate your patience.

Please report delivery issues here if you are subscribing to The Epoch Times DAILY editions.  Please click here to report delivery issues if you subscribe to Weekly Editions.

For DAILY edition: If you do not receive your newspaper by 8AM (Mon-Fri), please report the delivery issue below.

  • For DAILY paper, if you file the report before 8:30AM (Mon-Fri), same-day redelivery will be attempted.
  • For DAILY paper, if you file the report after 8:30AM (Mon-Fri), your account will be credited for the missing paper, unless you request a next day redelivery.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your continued support.

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Thank you for reporting the delivery issue.

If this report is filed by 8:30AM (Mon-Fri), our 3rd-party delivery service will attempt to redeliver the most recent paper by 12pm today. For reports filed between 8:30AM and 5PM (Mon-Sat), redelivery will be attempted by 7AM the next day. If redelivery failed, please file another report to inform us, so that we can credit your account for the missing paper and escalate your case to the delivery team.