Californians See Inflation, Jobs, Economy as Top Issues Ahead of Election: Survey

Californians see soaring inflation, jobs, and the economy as the most pressing issues facing their state ahead of the June 7 primary election, according to a new survey by the non-profit Public Policy Institute of California.
The statewide survey, conducted May 12–22, found that 27 percent of Californians think inflation, jobs, and the economy are the state’s top issues, followed closely by housing costs and availability at 12 percent.
Homelessness and gas and oil prices follow closely behind at 11 percent and 7 percent respectively, while water, water availability, and drought were the top issue for 6 percent of those surveyed.
Meanwhile, thirty-seven percent of those surveyed say they are financially worse off today than they were a year ago. For lower-income residents, 53 percent say that rising prices are causing serious financial hardship, and 46 percent say their finances are worse now than they were in 2021….

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